SAMSUNG CES2017 QLED TV Highlight Zone

8K (HDR) / 60p / 4Multi Screen

SASMSUNG CES 2017 ENTRANCE VIDEO. This Content was inspired from Stained Glass. It describes the way of that light to be color as origin fundamental of QLED TV.  Audience could see NEW TV's  More Extended Color and More Stunning Brightness throught the beutiful motion graphic and Stainded grass.  SAMSUNG NEW "QLED" 4K HDR TV X 4  and 4K Projection X 4 were sync played.

Produce : Redhood

CG : Rabbit walks

SAMSUNG IFA2016 SUHD TV Highlight Zone

21K (HDR) / 60p / 23 Multi Screen

SAMSUNG IFA 2016 Highlight Zone : This is 21K HDR Content.
It shows "Quantum Dot makes more colorful world (Wide color gamuts BT2020) and more Brightness ( HDR 1000 knit)" and it shows through beautiful European Landmark(Brandenburg Gate,Jungfrau, Prague Castle and Palau de la Musica Catalana) and sceneries of Germany,Czech,Swiss, France and Spain and Mbox Graphic animation. Most of footage are 21k HDR. It sync 23 TVs. Take your time for enjoying New world of HDR.

Produce : Redhood
CG : Rabbit walks & Mbox

SAMSUNG CES2016 SUHD TV Highlight Zone

20K (HDR) / 60p / 22Multi Screen

The world first UHD(HDR) Sync of 22 Display(65" and 75" TV). Fellowing their moving, the contents sync perfectly and show dynamic video of HDR. Brightness, Color, Contrast and Peak are essential part of HDR.

It produces for showing how HDR is different in all part of Picture Quality. Sun become real sun, Red will be real red.


Feel the difference of HDR. This is real.

SAMSUNG IFA2015 SUHD TV Highlight Zone

3840 x 2160 (UHD) / 30p / 30Multi Screen

This Contents plan to show the moment of HDR . It shows the Moments of your life from day to night which constitutes the best scene for HDR. As following Sun, viewer feels to see real Sun.
Wide Color Gamut, Contrast, brightness. Experience the moment of HDR.

SAMSUNG CES2015 SUHD TV Highlight Zone

3840 x 2160 (UHD) / 30p / 30Multi Screen

This H/L monument shows the best quality of the SUHD( Quantom Dot) definition. You can check how TV is developed. Incredible extended color space, Unbeatable Brightness. See the new color, Feel the real light. Welcome to New Era.

SAMSUNG CES / IFA 2014-2012 Highlight Zone