S-3D 1920x1080 24p

The video is a about a ‘FOOD FIGHT’ at a high-end restaurant.
It starts from a small mistake by the chef in the kitchen, which spreads to the dining hall
where the waiters and waitresses are serving.
It then spreads to the customers who are enjoying their meals at the outside garden and
eventually everyone becomes involved . Feel the Real 3D. Check this Out!

Time magician 3D

S-3D 1920x1080 24p

TIME MAGICIAN, it shows us a man of a stylish fashion in imaginary space equipped with many parts of a large pendulum clock going against the passage of time and moves in variety. Time magiction takes you another world.


KeyWest Festival 3D

S-3D 1920x1080 24p

This content is Reddy's World Travel story. It introduce world festival and top travel place.It is the first atory of Key West. Key West has Fantasy Festival which is top 10 festival in USA. and it also famous for Ernest Hemingway, Seven miles Bridge and so on. You can feel Real Key West in 3D.


Jazz Festival / Scenery / Golf 3D

S-3D 1920x1080 24p

Montreal Jazz Festival. Welcome to Montreal Jazz Festival. Swing, R & B, Soul, Dance and Performance are adorable. Are you ready to jump into Jazz world?

The colloection of Beautiful Canada scenery. Quebec national park, Montreal, Toronto and Rocky Mountain. Fly fishing, Kayak,Wagon and mountain cycling.Beautiful Canada will be in your eyes.

It provides a experience as playing golf in beautiful Canada. Variety charaters play different places such as Quebec, Montreal, Niagara ad Vancouver. Experience golf in Canada.

Jazz Festival 3D

Canada Scenery 3D