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3840 x 2160 (UHD-HDR) / 60p

You could figure the unvailed Ulleung Island Scenery in Korea. Ulleungdo is the eastest in Korea and it is also hard to get there even Korea, so long time ago people say " People. who allowed by god, could visit Ulleung Island. As you know, it is famous tour place to Korean because it is keeping well nature for a long time. it has many meanings to Korean as historical.

It is based on Ulleung Island 8 Scenery of Beauty. You can check from Dokdo sunrise to top 8 Scenery Island. All footage are 4k HDR of 4K timelapse, Drone. It shows unpredictable clear HDR picture quality.

Viewer will feel to rush to go Ulleungdo through this. Check this out, one of most beautiful island in Korea.

New Channel

New Channel

UHD Documentary

“Ride On Board” Trailer

3840 x 2160 (UHD) / 60p

The world first documentary of Surfing,skateboard,longboard and snowboard,it shows dynamic scenery of people who enjoy extreme sports through all board sports. Beautiful and incredible scenery of around world were filming by UHD Camera.
It is global extreme documentary trailer.